Aug 5, 2012

Have a short update

Quick update, since I am almost literally about to zonk out on my keyboard.

First, Windstar finally has a totally IC title-

I think the achievement and title should be going account-wide in Mists, so I'm skipping the Cenarian Circle rep grind on Kel. Because, ugh Silithus... >.<

And second, this took way, way too long, but Talia is finally out of Northrend.

Totally dinged on an archeology dig, because I was so very tired of Northrend questing. And then I took her to Vash'jir and got her seahorse, then got sick of the place (as usual) and went to Hyjal. The result- she's almost 81 already. And that was after I replaced her level 80 heirlooms. (She's still using the cloak, and only recently replaced the helm.)

And now I need to go pass out. I'm still rolling with Talia, so I will probably be trying to dungeon-run with her tomorrow before work. Unless my SWTOR free trial sucks me in first.  /Waves

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