May 31, 2012

Getting stuff done (and random stuff)

I've been trying to get some goals done before MoP comes out, but it's been going slow. I blame Tera and Diablo 3, mostly, although general boredom with WoW has been part of the problem too. Talia is still stuck at 76 (only about 2 bubs from 77 though), Max is still 81 and has stalled out RP-wise as well, and most of my profession grinding has not happened. (Must get more peeps' fishing/cooking/first aid maxed, argh.) I did at least get Kal's blacksmithing to 525, thanks mostly to the free skillups at the Darkmoon Faire. Now I just need to get cracking with her Molten Front dailies, to get the weapon patterns from there. (Ugh.)

Gearing up my max-level characters has gone way down, as well. I am kind of terrified of the raid finder, after hearing all sorts of stories about jerks and idiots in other peoples' runs, and it's frustrating to deal with 2fps lag during most of the boss fights. It might be easier if Blizzard would put in a 10-man option, but I doubt that's going to happen any time soon. And honestly, it just seems like unnecessary effort when MoP will be replacing most of the gear within the first few questlines/dungeons. Maybe if Blizz would give a release estimate (if there is one, I haven't heard about it yet), it would help me decide whether it's worth it, but again, I don't think it's likely to happen soon.

One thing I have been getting done is tinkering with my hunters' stables. Kerrowyn has gotten most of her pets traded back to the white theme I had when I first rolled her, and Rajji has let a couple of his more neglected friends go. Kel has released one or two as well, but things will get ... interesting, when Mists comes out. She has bonded really well with several new pets on the beta, but to tame them, I had to release a few pets that I would rather keep once everything goes live. Releasing them on the beta wasn't an issue, because it's not 'real', But she currently has only one free stable slot on live, and she (and I) are quite attached to the pets she has now. The only option I have so far is to let a couple of her spirit beasts go, which I really don't want to do. However, since Max has Tundra (Arcturis) and Rajji has Wraith (Gondria), and Kel's Tahnka and Fogg don't get out of the stable much, it is still an option. :(

One good thing about Kel's pet situation is her latest tame. See, after she finally got her dragonhawk mount, and I realized how much I love the color (and dragonhawks in general), I finally went ahead and took her to Sunwell and got her a 'vanity' pet to match. Meet Drago-

Aren't they gorgeous? :D

Kel did a round of Tol Barad dailies with him, just to see if they bond. The answer is a definite yes.

One last thing to mention- one of my friends, who plays Kal's mate (or girlfriend/lover/whatever term suits you), has been having a ball with transmogging, and he's come up with some really amazing sets. The newest one that he showed off last night had Kal speechless. Literally.

Plus, they are just so darn cute together. >.>

I'm tinkering with a story idea for Kal, just something to keep her busy. Hopefully I can get it sorted out in my head and write something about it soon.

That's about everything for now. Hopefully I can beat my leveling slump, and have some 'Max and/or Talia is 85 now' news soon. :P

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