May 15, 2012

Um, hi...

So, I just realized it's been almost a month since my last post, so it's probably time for another one, eh?

Starting with some catching up- poor Max has stalled out a bit, sitting at 81 right now. I think I'm giving up on Skoll camping, for now at least. I swear he has to be the most frustrating thing to camp ever. Not even Loque was this bad at spawning. The only single time I ever saw Skoll was when Kel tamed him. (After my sister found him, which emphasizes my bad luck at camping him, I think.) So rather than annoy myself by having my toon freeze his ears off in the snow, I'm going to (eventually) get back to leveling the poor guy. Besides, all the new pets I've been seeing on the beta make me think I should have at least one hunter with lots of stable space.

Talia is still going, at level 75 now. Rogue-ing is still fun, and I cannot wait to get her into Cata content. She even has almost a full set of gear waiting for level 80 already, so hopefully she can avoid the issue Max had, where his gear's ilvl wouldn't let him in the dungeons until right before he hit 81. (And then he dinged doing Children's Week orphan quests. Go figure. :P) Hopefully I can keep going with her, and reach my goal of 85 before MoP comes out.

I have my second character completely transmogged now. :D

Kal, with her Quel'Delar, the Inferno Tempered set from the Shatrath JP vendor, and the no-longer-available Shaleskin Cape. I have to say, she looks pretty danged intimidating. Also, I'm so happy to find a set of armor that doesn't turn into a 'plate-kini' on a female character. (Not that Kal wouldn't wear something like that, just to show off, but she's too smart to actually fight in it. :P) Now I just need to get a decent screenshot of Kel, showing off her Stalker's armor. I might have to just make a whole post for my transmogs, since I have plans for several other characters, I just have to stop being lazy and collect the sets. And take screenshots.

I've been tinkering a bit on other servers out of boredom, and I think I found a new home for all my Hordies on Cenarion Circle. I made a baby tauren druid there, and so far the general atmosphere is pretty nice. My Horde characters on Feathermoon have been neglected lately, so now I'm probably going to be migrating them over to CC, as my finances permit. My Alliance characters on Arthas are most likely going to join them, because I seriously am sick of being on a PVP server. (No offense to my brother, who has almost all of his toons on Arthas. Constant fear of getting ganked is just not my thing. :\) My Blood Elf hunter Kerrowyn has already been moved, and with some help from sis and our buddy, Shadoclaw has started a tiny RP-based guild.

Well, other than a bit more beta tinkering, that's pretty much all the WoW stuff I've been up to. I have to confess, I haven't even been on the game very much lately. I'm not sure if it's boredom, burn-out, RL issues, or a combination of all, but I just can't seem to stay interested in much with WoW. Not even just WoW, either, because LotRO has been just as neglected, if not more so. Honestly, the only reason I bother logging into WoW has been to be around my friends. Although that isn't helping much, because most of the time they're busy with other things, and barely seem notice when I'm online.

And probably the biggest reason that I haven't been on WoW or LotRO- I admit that I've gotten the Tera bug, like my sister. It has been a truckload of fun so far, so much that I don't even have a 'main' character there, because I love playing them all. My archer is my highest level, and is my favorite so far, so I guess he counts? But really, all the classes are fun. The gameplay is amazing. Compared to WoW, which can sometimes get boring and repetitive, combat in Tera has a lot of action, and requires a lot more attention. And some of the scenery is downright breathtaking. I plan on posting some screenshots of my toons, as soon as I can get them from my sister's computer onto mine.

The only problem is, my old laptop is so outdated that it can't run Tera. Like, at all. (It can't run Diablo 3 either. /sadface) So the only time I can play is when sis is working on my days off, so I can use her desktop computer. It's been working out okay so far, but it sucks not being able to play together, and it does get frustrating for me when our schedules don't give me time to play for days at a time. So, I am now looking to get a new computer. My financial situation is going to make it take a while, though.

Not much else worth mentioning at the moment. Hopefully I won't take another month to come up with another update. :\   /Waves

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