Dec 17, 2012

Another down

So, depression slump had Rynia stuck at 3 bubs to 90 for a few days. Today I was feeling a teeny bit better, so I took her back to Dread Wastes for a few quests, and viola!

Unfortunately, I only had enough time to hearth back to the Shrine and get her flying training, then I had to log for work. I got back on her as soon as I got home, though, so she's got one day of dailies done already. I'm just going to do Tiller's and Golden Lotus for now, since Kel is still working on August Celestials and the Shieldwall stuff, and I really don't want to burn out again. What's kind of boggling is, with Ryn's racial rep bonus, along with guild perks and the commendation from Kel, she's about halfway through friendly with the Lotus folks already. Tiller's are almost honored too. And she still has Klaxxi quests to finish, if I get bored enough to go back to the Wastes. She's also made herself several pieces of the crafted PvP gear, so her ilvl is pretty darn good for only being 90 for less than a day. I'm hoping to get her geared for the raid finder ASAP, and with her crafted stuff, I can finally join in with friends in BGs without feeling like a total scrub.

Aside from the warlock leveling, I've been working on Sunre, who is currently up to 64 and just might wind up being my next 90, and doing some more battle pet leveling. I only need three more (magic, humanoid, and mechanical) for the every-family-at-25 achievement, which I believe will give me the 300 pet achievement points to get my jade tentacle. *braces for all the bad hentai jokes*

I think that's all I've been up to for now, although as tired as I am, I may be forgetting something. Oh well, if I am, it'll wait for the next blog post. /Sleepy wave

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