Jan 9, 2013

Still here

I haven't fallen off the planet (yet) or anything, just been so worn out from work and holiday stuff that I haven't had the energy or brain power to come up with anything interesting to post.

I haven't been on WoW much lately, and when I have it's been mostly just battle pet leveling. At least at this rate I'll have all the leveling achievements done eventually? I think I just got myself a little burned out on dailies/farming/LFR/dungeons/etc., and most of my friends, the main reason I was still logging in, have all been busy doing their own things. So I'm just taking a bit of a break for now.

I've still been getting my gaming fix, but it's been on Lord of the Rings Online mostly. The winter Yule Festival caught my attention, so I started running my characters through the quests there and collecting cosmetic/housing items, and in the process got a couple levels for a few of them. When the holiday was over, I just kept going. It's been a nice change, and there's been a lot of updating that I've missed, like the new version of Bree. Some of the classes have had some minor changes which have made them more fun to play as well, like my new guardian alt. I'm most likely going to be sticking with LotR for a while, with some WoW pet battling thrown in for the excuse to say hi to everyone there.

I'll be trying to come up with a better post soon, with some screenshots and everything, but for now it's bedtime. /Sleepywave

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