Jan 26, 2013

Update (with Pictures!)

Sorry for the silent spell, work is continuing it's quest to cause me too much stress and pain to have the energy to do much of anything when I'm at home. :\

Well, like I said in my last post, I've been spending most of my game time on Lord of the Rings Online, and I guess I oughta go ahead and show off, er I mean share, some of what's been keeping me interested.

First off, I've dusted off my hunter, Kelvren. He's one of the first characters I made, and at level 42 (for now), he's the highest. I have been tinkering on other characters, doing some farming and crafting and a few quests now and then, but as far as serious leveling goes, he's my #1 priority. Hunters in LotR are quite a bit different than in WoW, the most obvious thing being they have no pet, but Kelvren's tons of fun, and has recently begun exploring some new zones. He just left Evendim, which is still one of the prettiest zones in any game I have played, and started questing in the Misty Mountains, and I'm going to take him to check out Forochel soon.

In Evendim, on his new horse, Steelheart.
I recently started on a new alt, a guardian, and got him up to level 21 already, although a lot of that was thanks to the new xp-from-crafting that was added in the Riders of Rohan expansion. Guardian is a class that I never got very far in before, but a lot has changed since the last time I played one, and so far Dirken has been ridiculously fun. Being a tank class, he has no problems rounding up same-level mobs 4-5 at a time, and is able to beat them all into submission surprisingly fast. That might change once he gets into the higher level zones, but I'll have to wait and see. He may wind up being the next character I focus on once Kelvren is up where I want him.
Relaxing at home.
I've been working a little on my runekeeper Skandranon and Kerowyn my warden as well, but so far they haven't grabbed my attention like Kelvren and Dirken have (although Skan is really fun since I switched his traits from lightning to fire). I also have 2 champions (my favorite class), Aravann on Windfola and Arrwyn on Laurelin, so I doubt I'll run out of toons to keep myself occupied with any time soon.

Oh yea, and recently Bree underwent a makeover. With the Rohan-related expansion, I guess they decided to give everyone in town a taste of what the new zones will be like, because suddenly there are horses EVERYWHERE. Not the common, normal horses everyone is used to, either, but new models that look almost exactly like the warsteeds that the Rohirrim are riding around on. Have I ever mentioned that I am a total horse-nut? (No apologies for the following screenshot spam.)

Hello gorgeous....

I can has...?

Right next to the Prancing Pony
The only real downside to the Bree-update is the stupid amount of lag everyone now has to deal with in town. Though with all of the horses to drool over, it is mostly tolerable.

And now I finish with a view of the sunset in Lone Lands. /Waves

P.S. WoW-related post possibly in the near(ish) future. Just need to get some stuff sorted out in my head first.

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