Dec 2, 2012

Playing with the patch

So patch 5.1 finally came out, and so far all I've been doing is goofing around, farming the new raid-drop pets and trying to find the new wild ones. Oh yea, and Kel has a new buddy.

His name is Zues. It was supposed to be Zeus, but I was really tired when I typed it and goofed it up. Honestly, it doesn't really bother me, and I can just get a rename scroll if it becomes a problem, so no big deal.

Me and sis have been duo'ing old raids for the new pets, with varying amounts of luck. We've gotten 2 (the imp for me, and I can't remember which one sis got) out of Molten Core, and sis got the mini draconid from Black Wing Lair. Temple of AQ has given us each one more (I got the idol, sis got the ooze). Most of the drops were from our first run throughs, and our luck seems to be going down, as we've run all three raids at least once more on alts and haven't gotten any more, although I think sis told me she got the imp on a solo MC run. We're going to start farming Naxx soon, which will be interesting since Pitch is sis's only level 90, and my other 90s aren't as well-geared as Kel, so trying to do it on alts might be a little crazy.

Oh yea, on one of our AQ runs, we did find this room with a giant eyeball in it....
leaving in the chatbox for the sake of lols
And one last thing for now- I'm apparently starting a new addiction. Death Knights.
kind of screwed up the screenshot, but oh well
Jorren was so fun to level, plus the fact that while I love him, he is- 1. horde, 2. on another server, which means I tend to get lonely after being on him for a while. So I'm leveling Riatha so I can have a DK to play with while still being around my friends. She also has an unholy spec, so I get some variation while I play her.

Getting back to battle pets, my collection keeps growing, although I'm still several short of the next achievement. I'm also working on getting a few more to 25, for some variety when I'm hunting for higher-level rares. I haven't had any luck finding battle stones, but that's pretty much normal for me, and I'm most likely just going to start checking the AH for any decently priced stones, after the 'new shiny' craze has had time to die down. I really only need a few of them, for certain pets like my wolpertinger, and Willy, and Haunt, my feline familiar. Which is another reason for my pet-leveling binge, so I have more options when I fight the trainer NPCs to get some goody bags. The few high level trainers I've run into, I've managed to win, but it was really hectic, with very close fights, and usually at least one of mine would be dead, mostly because I just didn't have any good match-ups with the very few level 25 pets that I have. So hopefully soon, Lurk the shadeling and Ripp the flayer youngling will be joining my maxed crew, along with a couple others I haven't decided on yet.

And I think that's all for now. I get a whole week of at-home vacation time starting today, so I'm looking forward to getting a lot of pets leveled, another DK also leveled, and start actually running heroics and getting Kal and Windstar geared up. And work on Jahira, since it seems like everyone is always having trouble finding healers to run things.  /Waves

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