Oct 5, 2012


I am tired as heck, so just a short post for now.

First of all, Kel is finally 90!

It kind of took me by surprise, so I almost missed the screenshot. Work and my altaholic-ing was interfering, too, so getting to 90 took a bit longer than I meant it to, but it was fun. Now Kal and Windstar get to fight over my attention for a while, until I figure out which one I want to level more. (At this point, probably Kal. I think.)

She has a couple new friends as well. I can't find my screenshot of her black tiger Nightshade, so I'll have to take another one and post it later. And then there's this guy -

First time Kel got in the Mogu Palace (or whatever it's called), he was standing right at the entrance, just waiting for her. Kel and I both are totally in love with him, in fact between him and the spirit beasts, I don't think Kel's marksmanship spec is gonna be used much at all any time soon. Rajji is probably going to be leveled soon now, just so I can go get another quillen. Most likely one of the grey stone ones, which means not until Raj is 90. *Sigh*

And one last thing to mention. Sis went and tamed Savage with Wildlark on, I think, the second day of the expansion. So, after seeing her have such an easy time, I decided one afternoon to take Maxwill out and see if I could find any tracks. Well, I did.

It was a long hunt. Between dodging/killing all the mobs in the area, I kept losing the tracks. Then I would find the end of the trail, but misjudge my flare and get stuck waiting for the cooldown. It was a ton of fun, though, and totally worth it once Max spotted and nabbed him. His name might not be all that original, but it totally fits him, after that search.

And that's enough for now, since I'm getting to the point where I can't stay awake anymore. Next post should be a bit sooner, I think. If I can stop playing long enough to write it, that is. ;)

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