Sep 23, 2012


Only 2 more days until everyone rushes off to the island of Pandaria. (Those poor pandas won't know what hit 'em.) I think most of my characters are ready, I still need to clean out a few banks (including Burning Valor's guild bank, yeesh what a mess >.<), but most everyone has good enough gear to make the first bit of questing easier. I don't have as much gold on most of them as I had wanted, but it shouldn't be too hard to save up while questing and stuff. Having to shell out 10k for Talia's decoder ring didn't help much... (Yes, Talia finally got to pick Hagara's pocket. Getting things at the last minute is kind of a thing for me, apparently...)

My tentative leveling plan is going to be Kel (of course), then probably Windstar, Talia, and Rynia. Although Kel being first is the only one that's set in stone. My second account won't even be upgraded to MoP for a few days to a week, but definitely getting Kal and Jahira leveled once that's taken care of. As far as my hordies go, I will probably just be leveling them when I get bored or when my Alliance friends aren't on, which happens a lot during the day. Not very surprising since most of them are Pacific time zone, though. I am planning on making a pandaren monk (getting the new class and race all in one toon :D), but it's not going to be a 'main' character, so I'm going not going to try to rush it up to max. I don't want to deal with the huge starting rush, and I want to actually learn and enjoy things with it. So my monk leveling is going to fit the character personality I've planned, taking things slow, relaxed, and easy.

And now I'm going to show off a bit. A lot of my game time lately has been spent on getting the characters I'm playing the most transmogged, and here is some of the results:



BWL is annoying to get into, but at least all this stuff dropped relatively quickly \o/

And Caderly-
Handsome fella, ain't he?

I thought I had more screenshots, but apparently I've misplaced them. Oh well! I guess Kel, Jahira, Talia, and Rynia get their own post later. Along with Bearkat, and maybe I'll actually finish Taarren's set soon. If her stuff would actually, you know, drop... :P

That's enough rambling for now, I think. I have a rogue that needs new daggers >.>  And possibly attempt one last raid finder on a couple toons. And run Windstar through the scenario a couple more times for that stupid polearm which has dropped for two other characters... who can't/won't use it. -_-

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