Jan 20, 2011


The stormcrow glided into the shrine, landing on the column next to the newly restored statue. It looked over the white marble stag for several awestruck seconds, then, with a single flap of it's wings, it swooped down to land before it. The bird disappeared in a puff of thick smoke, a slender Kaldorei female standing in it's place after the smoke cleared.

Windstar knelt reverently before the image of her patron. So many thoughts were racing through her head, she couldn't speak for several minutes. Finally, she stood and shifted into her cat form. Slowly she crept up to the statue, and settled between the huge stone hoofs. A soft rumble began in her chest as she basked in the peaceful quiet of the shrine.

"They all still say that you're dead," Star thought to the silent presence she felt hovering over her. "And perhaps they are right. But I know your spirit is still watching over us all. And maybe... perhaps one day... Aviana may not be the only Ancient that can be reborn." She gazed upwards at the stag's proud head, so far above her own. A gentle breeze blew softly through the shrine, ruffling her fur. She smiled, feeling as if her patron was answering.

Star lost track of how long she sat there, but finally the need to continue her missions for the druids of Hyjal brought her out of her trance. She looked at the setting sun and sighed, knowing it was too late for her to return that day. She stood, turned towards the statue, and placed one paw on a massive hoof. "I'll be back," she said quietly, "I promise." Switching shape quickly from cat to stormcrow, she leaped into the air, circled once over the shrine, and then turned in the direction of Nordrassil.

* * * *
Windstar has been a follower of Malorne ever since she felt the druidic calling. Seeing his shrine restored was pretty darn emotional for her.

More info on Malorne can be found here.

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