Oct 22, 2009

Further Introductions - Horde

Now for my Horde guys :D

Durotan has most of them. I started here during BC, to play with a rl friend, and eventually transfered all my other high-level Hordies. I don't play there as much anymore, but I still pop on now and then to do dailies and say hi to the awesome guild I'm in.

Rajji is the first, 80 troll hunter, BM spec and my first hunter to get a spirit beast. He got Gondria the day after my sister's hunter Boogga got her.

Vanyell, 40 undead mage, frost spec, the highest level I have ever played a mage,

Treos, 32 Belf paladin, ret spec, eventually probably going to copy Arien and make her dual-spec holy (cause healing is pretty fun),

Those are my original toons I made on the server, next ones were tranfered from Gilneas.

Taarren, 76 tauren shaman, enhancement (for life), the second toon I ever made :),

Bearkat, 72 tauren druid, feral kitty spec, gonna be dual feral tank/dps specs when he hits 80,

Caderlly, 71 undead priest, shadow/holy dual speced, has a rather uncertain future at the moment, because I like playing him, but I'm not sure if I want to keep him here or maybe transfer him again.

Next is Moon Guard:

Treng, 24(?) orc hunter, BM spec, with pets that ALL took a hike to tame. His wolf is from Elwynn, his moth is from Azuremyst, and his bird is a hawk from Howling Fjord. RP-wise, they were all the fault of his 'adopted sister', my sis' Belf hunter Gwynifar. She constantly drags poor Treng along on her crazy ideas :D,

Vestaki, 64 death knight, started playing her frost spec, but switched to blood, just because it's my favorite spec, and the most fun for me to play,

Riyna, 17 (or 18, can't remember) Belf rogue, still working on what spec I want to try for her. Haven't played rogues much, so I'm kind of a noob as far as their specs go.

Moon Guard is a very full server, so it's actually hard for me to play there. My old computer just can't handle the lag sometimes. So Treng may be getting a server transfer eventually. Have no clue what I'm gonna do with the other 2. :(

Only have one toon so far on Wyrmrest Accord, a baby tauren druid named Skypaw. He's about level 17 now, going feral with him for RP reasons, as well as the fact that I just love that spec. ICly, he is very shy, almost never leaves his feral forms, and doesn't talk much. Still working out the story on why he's like that. Centaurs may be involved.

And now for a bit of a random side note -

For some reason, I like playing Alliance more than Horde, which is why I have 3 80 allies (soon to be more) and only one 80 Horde. The only thing I can think of is, Alliance has a lot more lore for the Alliance. Horde basically are just trying to survive, and the quest lines and lore are just not very deep. Also, while I do love the Forsaken, their "kill everything living because we're mad at being stuck in undeath" attitudes bother me sometimes. I do at least some RP with all my toons, even if most of it is only in my own head, and I just can't focus on a mindset like that. Vanyell is the only undead I have any sort of personality/story worked out with, and he is just not really upset at being a Forsaken. He misses being alive, but he's not going to make a big deal out of it.

Alliance, on the other hand, have many intriguing plots and quest chains. I wrote a story out of my pally Arien doing the worgen questline that starts in Ashenvale, which will be posted, probably soon. The chain for the burned down inn on the Barrens/Dustwallow border is also one of my favorites, mostly because for the very last part, you get to take flowers to James' family's graves. Little touches like that give RP/lore nerds like me a huge thrill. I just haven't found anything like it Horde-side, so it's harder to get immersed on those characters.

So anyways, thats most of my characters. Next post will be for all my guys on Feathermoon. May be a ramble alert, since this is the server I have played the most all week, and I'm getting very attached to both my characters, and the awesome people I have been RPing with most of my online time. :D

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