Oct 28, 2009

Background Bits...

... because I'm bored and tired but not ready to sleep yet.

My Treng and my sister's Gwynifar have an interesting little story. They met almost by accident. Gwyn had gotten a reputation for being a prankster in her home of Silvermoon, so her parents sent her to Durotar, to see if the orcs could help her settle down some. Her mentor there sent her to track a boar, after sending a young orc to do the same thing a few minutes before. The two met on the trail, and immediately hit it off. They became such good friends that Treng asked her if she would like to be adopted into his Icefang Clan, a small Frostwolf subclan. Most of the pets they have gotten were Gwyn's ideas. Treng has learned to just go along with it. :) My sister and I created a guild for them on Moon Guard named Shano nor Balah, which means Blood and Honor in Thalassian. The orcish phrase (Treng's personal motto as well) in the Blood Elf language is another symbol of the bond these two have. Treng would literally do anything to protect his 'sister'.

My paladin Arien, on Gilneas, has two very close, important relationships. One is her best friend, my Night Elf warrior Kalenedral. The other is my sister's Nelf druid Alanon. Arien and Kal's friendship is unfortunately all in my head, and in stories I've written (WTB second account?). They met while Arien was in Stormwind, training to be a paladin. Kal had just learned that her older sister had been lost in a failed excursion into Northrend. Arien found her crying in the Cathedral grounds, and comforted her. They continued meeting whenever Arien could get away from her studies, and moved into a small place together when Arien 'graduated'. They are closer than sisters, and almost literally share everything. Later on, Arien met Kal's cousins, which are all my sister's and my elf toons. Alanon, the second oldest in the family, began noticing her, and she soon started noticing him back. He began helping her out with stuff (aka, instances and group quests), and then they began hanging out just because they liked each others' company. He comforted her through the rough time after the Wrathgate, and then the rest of the family began noticing the two's growing relationship. It took forever, as Arien was rather shy, and Alanon had been through a rough relationship with a human a few centuries before, and didn't want to rush with Arien, because he was afraid of messing something up. Long story short, they have finally confessed their feelings to each other, and are very happy now. More detailed posts on Arien's story will be posted in the future, I promise.

And now I am about to doze off on my keyboard, so I'm ending it here, for now. May have to post Arien stuff soon, now that I've started thinking about her again. Goodnight!

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