Oct 25, 2009

Further Introductions - Feathermoon

Feathermoon is the next-to-newest server for me to start playing (newest being Wyrmrest Accord). And I have to say, I love it there. Sure, it has weirdos and jerks, like everywhere else, but I have met some pretty cool people there as well, that have made me feel welcome on the server as well as in their RP groups. <3

And now my characters, Alliance side first:

First, Tadrith, 63 Nelf hunter, BM spec. I have a theme going with him. I LOVE Mercedes Lackey's Heralds of Valdemar books. So Tad and all his pets are named after favorite gryphon characters in a few of those books. There's Tadrith, Keenath (wolf), Treyvan (bear), Aubri (dragonhawk), and Skandranon (Shy-Rotam). Eventually there will be Kelvren, the spirit beast, preferably Loque'nahak.

Windstar is next, 59 Nelf druid, feral kitty/resto dual-spec, and the first druid I'm trying healing with. RP-wise, she and Tad are twins, born not long before the last war. She is also my RP main, since Tad is a bit anti-social most of the time.

I have a DK bank alt, simply because it was a way to get a little starting gold. His name is Melset, which was randomly generated from the character creation screen, and he's human. He's level 60 and blood spec.

And my baby Rynia, 18 human warlock, not really speced any certain way yet. I'm mostly waiting to level her until Star and Tad are both 80 and I can get some heirlooms. Still working out her personality RP-wise, kinda hard for me, since I have trouble playing 'bad guys', but it's slightly harder to make a demon-using, shadow-loving warlock into a 'good person'. I will work it out though. :)

Now for Horde:

Tallía, 23 Belf mage, frost spec for now, may play with other specs later,

Araji, 16 troll shaman, going to be enhancement, just because it is darned fun to play, for me at least.

I don't play my Hordies as much as I would like to, mostly because I can only focus on one or two toons at a time, and because I don't really know anyone on Horde-side. Tallía will be next in line after the twins are leveled, though. I also plan on making a couple transfers from Durotan, too, whenever my financial situation allows. Bearkat and Caderlly at least. Also, speaking of Cad, he may be making a faction change at the same time, since I've been thinking of switching him to a worgen when Cataclysm comes out. Nothing certain yet though.

Well, that's the basic introductions. Details, stories, etc. will follow later.


  1. "I have trouble playing 'bad guys', but it's slightly harder to make a demon-using, shadow-loving warlock into a 'good person'."

    *cough* No it's not. *cough* ;)

  2. /wave @ Arrens :D

    I only said 'slightly'. ;)
    And I meant that mostly for myself. I know there's a lot of nice 'locks out there, but the class still has a bit of a reputation, lore-wise.
    And I also have trouble keeping more that 2 or 3 characters' personalities straight at a time. I've been focusing on Star and Tad (and occasionaly my pally on Gilneas), so Rynia's kinda on the back burner for now, simply because I haven't had the time to work out her personality yet. Not even started on any kind of backstory. :P