Dec 4, 2010


Storytime is being briefly interrupted by a trip I took with my sister. Kal took her baby human hunter out to Gilneas on her motorbike, because she wanted one of the mastiffs. While we were out there, we took a trip over most of the zone, just seeing the place and plotting RP spots for Arnen (her human) and my yet-to-be-created worgen hunter.

Short explanation in case anyone gets confused. We're making these characters for RP, they're brothers that have been separated by the Greymane Wall for years, and will be reunited sometime after Cata becomes official on Tuesday. I'm looking forward to a new toon, new plots, and after seeing what Gilneas looks like now, I'm getting really excited about the new zone.

And now, have some screenshots:

There's no people in the zone yet, but me and sis might have found the brothers' home (Keel Harbor, second picture), and we've been working out some tentative details for their backstory. We just need the zone's population put in so we can find out if the house we picked will be full of NPCs or not.

Now I just need to think of/reserve a name for my worgen... :P I have also run into a bit of writer's block with my story. I know roughly how it will finish, but I haven't figured out exactly how it will get to that point. It's a little frustrating, but hopefully I'll get it finished soon.

And that's it for now. /Waves

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