Mar 24, 2010


Woohoo, achievement spam. Another Crusader toon, yay! Funny part was, Windstar wound up with 24/25 of the marks to finish it off last night, so I had to wait until today, then go do ONE single daily. Kind of a *lol/facepalm* moment.

Working on more artz, will have a couple to post soon-ish. It's been ... interesting ... trying to do online stuff lately, cause I got a hacker scare a few weeks ago. Many, many virus/malware/spybot scans seem to have cleared anything that may have gotten on my 'puter, so I think everything's ok now. I have been doing most of my internet stuff on my old laptop, though, just to be safe. And I'm changing my WoW password every week or so. I do have an authenticator, but any little bit helps, right?

Work and roommate issues have had me very tired and depressed lately, so I don't have much of anything else to tell about now, and I need to go sleep soon. Some possible good news, though, is me and my sister are starting to look for our own place to live. So maybe one small part of my depression might be 'fixed'.

p.s. Been getting Kalenedral into some RP, and I have discovered that she has a very good personality for the moods I have been in lately. I still love to RP with Star, but her personality is just a little too quiet and sweet-natured for the funk I've been in for the last couple weeks. Although I think the approaching spring has given her a small case of blues. This also makes me wish for a second account even more, it would just be so nice if I could have her and Tad hanging around together in the game. I have had some ideas about Star meeting Kal as well, but I'm not too sure about it yet. ..And I'm rambling again. :P
/Waves again

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