Sep 1, 2011

Catching up

Work is making me feel very 'bleh' lately, but here's a few things I've been up to.

I have had 2 big dings in the last few days. First, Rynia the warlock has archeology-ed herself to 85. Then, I finally made myself get Jahira the last 5 bubbles of xp that she needed.

Both of them have run through the beginning Firelands stuff, and they have the ilvl needed for heroics. Rynia has even been in one, Shadowfang Keep, and has a pretty new robe from it. Jahira will be waiting a while though. I'm too much of a noob at boomkin'ing, so I want to look up stuff and get her some more gear before I attempt a heroic. Not to mention my other characters that have been so neglected lately. Kal especially has been begging for some attention. Ryn is definitely getting her share of play time, though. I'm amazed sometimes at how much fun warlocks are. There's just something therapeutic about setting things on fire... *evil grin*

I'm still trudging along with Maxwill as well. It's slow, with all my 'bigger' characters keeping me busy, but he is currently 64 and moving along. He also has (another) new friend. This guy is a strictly OOC pet, because, well, it would be hard to explain ICly why Max has a little patch of fire following him around...

My sis had figured out the trick to taming this guy, and bugged me to give her a hand, since it takes 2 people to make the pet explode in the taming process. And since I had to go along anyways, I figured why not get Max his own, before Blizzard decides to 'fix' the bug. It's an amusing pet, even though it has some issues with targeting (you can't click the pet, you have to click it's portrait next to it's owner's or use tab-targeting).

That's Max's brother, Arnen, played by my sis, in the screenshot. These two got seperated when Gilneas locked itself away, and haven't ICly found each other yet. I have some story ideas poking around in my head though, whenever Windstar and Jahira let them, and I might have some bits to post sometime. I need to keep pestering my sis as well. Poor Max has a couple issues, and having his brother around will help quite a bit.

And that's about it for now. Need to get some dailies done, and maybe see about getting a little worgen up a level or two. /Waves

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