Mar 13, 2011

A very delayed update

Work and games have kept me pretty busy, so this stuff all happened a few days ago. :\ Bad blogger is bad.

I was tinkering on Lord of the Rings Online last week, when my sister announced that she found a lonely-looking wolf digging through some trash in the Hinterlands.

My lil blood elf Kerrowyn decided to come take a look, and she found a new friend -

Later, I can't remember if it was that night or the next day, I was on Rajji while afk'ing to browse Petopia's forums. Rajji still has a pretty small stable, so I was trying to decide on a couple new pets for him, when I found one of the threads on the Amani dragonhawk. I really like 'hawks, even though I don't actually use them very often, so I decided to take a trip to Zul Aman before the patch made it harder to get in. Many deaths and much frustration later, Rajji had two new buddies. Raj got a couple hexing sticks from trash mobs, and used them on some frogs. Mojo hopped into Raj's bags on the second one.

Now I just gotta get Kel in there and find her a Mojo. >.> And level Max so he can go get a blue 'hawk from Sunwell Plateau.

I found another interesting option on Petopia, but I decided my cat collector, Shadepaw, would be the one to hunt this one. She took a trip to northern Stranglethorn and sat around Pogeyan's spawn area for a little over an hour, taking a couple breaks to thin out the local panther population. There were several other people that passed through, either questing or possibly camping him as well, but Shade was the one that finally spotted him. I then discovered that he leaps at you when you start the tame, and that Shade put her trap a little far away. Pogeyan is so big, however, that it caught him anyways.

He is very shiny, and Shade loves him already. His new name is Loki, which is a Norse fire god, which I thought was appropriate for a cat with the title 'the Fire Spirit'.

And the last thing to update on is what I've been doing the last several days. One of my oldest WoW friends had been getting very tired/bored with Warcraft, and had switched over to playing Rift. Well, he talked about it so much on Vent, my resistance didn't really have a chance. Honestly, I've been getting a little bored myself, with getting 3 of my characters to 85 so quick, and the steady grind of dungeons and dailies. The only thing to break the monotony was RP, and even that was starting to get... well, not exactly boring, but really, I can only take so much sitting around while everyone else has conversations and storylines going on all around me. And the (very) few people I actually had any IC contact with have been busy doing other things, like gearing up for raids (which don't even get me started on that right now) and/or leveling alts. So I've been by myself a lot lately, other than some dungeons/battlegrounds with my brother on some baby tauren alts we had made. By myself = lonely = bad, bad depression fits. :(

So anyways, I've started playing Rift. I have a couple characters at level 10+ already, and so far it's been a blast. It's hard to say though, whether this will be a regular thing yet. Everything is still 'new and shiny', rifts are fun (though sometimes annoying when they open up on top of the area you're trying to quest in), warfronts(battlegrounds) are fun, even though the Defiants lose 80-90% of the time. And the game's storylines are awesome. Oh, and Defiants rock. Guardians are just a little too fanantical for me. (Just my opinion, if anyone that plays Guardian reads this, please don't hate me. >.<)

So, if anyone has noticed me missing from Warcraft (which I sort of doubt), Rift is why. I will probably be back eventually, because I still love WoW. I just need a little break. I'll most likely be hopping on now and then to check my toons and play with my brother. Just not very often, for now.

(I hope the last part does not sound like a rant, because it's not supposed to be. And I totally did NOT mean to turn this into a Massive Wall of Text, sorry. :P)

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