Mar 1, 2011

Good news and Bad news

Getting the bad news out of the way first. I have a cold. I'm a bit peeved about it, since I've gone the entire miserably cold, snowy winter without catching anything, and now that it's starting to warm up, bam I get sick. Argh.

On to the good news! First of all, I have my third level 85 character-

About time, too. I seem to be developing a habit of getting a toon to 84, then suddenly not playing them for a while. Poor Star spent almost a week at <5 bars to level. /Fail.

But at least now she's done with leveling and can start kitty-fying the instances. Which was another point I failed at. She has spent less time in instances than any of my other characters. Her gear right now kinda stinks, being mostly green quest rewards and a couple crafted things. Hooray for Kel's leatherworking. :P

Next bit of good news, Max has a new buddy.

Huge thank you to my sister for this one. I had spent the previous night camping for him (and got 3 stacks of gromsblood and 2+ stacks of golden sansam and dreamfoil in the process), but had to log with no luck. Next day I had a pretty rough day at work, and went to lie down after I got home. Sis came and woke me up to ask if I had tamed this beauty, and when I groggily told her no, she told me he was up. She then let me use her computer to log on Max to go tame him, so that I didn't have to wait for mine to start up, possibly letting someone else find Olm before I could get there. /hug sis

Max is now 54, and just needs one level to get his big black kitty. I just need to pull myself away from all my baby alts that i've been working on lately and get him that one level. :\

Last thing I can think of for now, Kel's Charcoal is 85, and is the best tank she has ever had. I've been playing with her MM spec lately, since I've gotten way out of practice with it, and he has been holding aggro on the mobs like a champ, with her critting for 30-40k at times. Even if Kel does pull aggro, Kill Command will usually take it right back. And Shell Shield is awesome. It's a great visual reminder for when I forget to use Mend Pet, when he's tanking 2-3 mobs at once (I'm looking at you, Tol Barad villagers! >:|). By the time Shell Shield expires, Charcoal is almost back to full health. I really love this guy.

And that's it for now. Hopefully this danged cold will go away soon, it's seriously interfering with my ability/desire to do much anything other than sleep. :(

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