Feb 24, 2011

Kel's stable is complete.

And the last pet I wanted to make it so? This awesome (and adorable) lil bugger:

That's right, Kel has her little fire turtle. /Cheer!

Short(ish) version, I was questing on my cowdruid Bearkat, when someone in general chat announced that Terropene was up. I did nothing at first, sure that someone would get to him long before I could switch to Kel on alliance side. After a while, when no one seemed to be responding, I figured I would at least go see him. I flew Bear over to Terro's lava pool, found him, and just watched him walking around for a couple minutes. Still no one showed up. I decided, what the heck, let's just see if I can get Kel over here before he gets tamed/killed. I logged off Bear and onto Kel, took the portal to Hyjal, and flew down to the lava. My sister was also there on her troll Booggah, who was still level 80 and couldn't tame him. I refound Terro, still untouched, and sat to watch him for another minute or so. When still no one showed up for him, I gave up arguing with fate. I had switched to Kel's MM spec, so I silencing shot him, popped a speed pot, and hit tame. His fire attack still hurt even at level 85 with 100k hp, but I got him on the first try. It took a second to sink in, but as I looked at the shrunk turtle standing at her side, poking his nose into her pack for a treat, it finally sunk in that he was finally mine. I can't even describe what it felt like.

- - -
(Delayed holiday shenanigans)
A couple weeks ago, me (duo-ing Kel and Jahira), sis (on druid-Alanon), and our best friend (on his new-ish worgen shadow priest) went to get all the Northrend instance elders. Well, the elder in Drak'Theron Keep is right inside King Dred's room. We killed the first couple of packs to reach him, talked to him to receive our coins, and started to leave. However, a crazy idea stopped me. I had to argue with myself for a bit (what does Kel need 3 devilsaurs for, anyways?), but in the end, Dred just looked too darn lonely to leave behind. So, well,....

His name is Fury, which was a random suggestion from our friend. It fits him. :) I now have every color devilsaur in the game, with Kel's 3 and Rajji's white Ibite.

So yea, I think I'm pretty much done getting Kel any new pets. She has almost all the rares I wanted on her, and she's running out of space, and I want to keep a couple spots open for anything Blizz decides to toss at us hunters in the future. I think Charcoal, Rage, Loq, Ash (Ashtail the blue fox), and Arohk will keep her more than happy enough now. And of course, there will always be Sabre.

This does NOT mean I'm not going after any more rare/unique pets. I just have to level up some of my alts first. ;) Max has to level a bit more to get Duskfang, and needs to go look for Olm. He's going to be the lucky alt to get Jadefang, too. And my Hordies have been tugging at me lately, so Rajji will probably be getting leveled up as well, albeit slowly. Also, I think my Draenei over on Silver Hand will wind up being a fox collector. Maybe cats too, after randomly finding Humar on her a little while ago.

And that's all for now. /Waves

..../hugs Charcoal

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