Feb 5, 2011

Two Thoughts...

First thought is this. I missed the previous '20 Days', and this one sounds fun, so I think I might give it a go. I may not do a post for every one, and they will probably be spread out over a long period, but by golly I'll give it a try.

Second thought is about this. I agree with everything my sister says, and have felt the same way for at least as long. The only reason Riatha and Caderly are still on Gilneas is because of finances, which is sorting itself out. I've already culled my character list, so I just have them and 2 horde toons to move, and space enough for all of them on Feathermoon. Although I may move one of my hordies to another server, possibly Nesingwary, I haven't decided yet.

As far as game stuff goes, Windstar is slowly coming out of her leveling slump, and should be 85 soon. Kal is almost done with Tol Barad rep/token farming (for now, at least), and then she'll have a shiny new sword and I'll feel like she's really ready for heroics. Kel is going after the holiday achievements, for fun and nerd points (and a proto drake ^.^), although I'm doing it casually, and won't be very upset if she misses any of them. I need to get back to her mount farming, she's up to 85 now, towards her dragonhawk. The raven lord should be even easier now, and I'm pretty sure she can solo Karazan for Midnight. I might give heroic Utgarde Pinnacle a try, to see if she can farm for the blue proto drake, but I'm not sure if that will be possible or not. I'll keep y'all posted on that. Oh, and she found a new friend, but that will be in the next post, maybe tomorrow.

Max is 45 now, and getting steadily higher. I fell a little behind on his professions, especially his herbalism, (because I forgot to train them like a noob) but they're almost caught up now. In fact, his skinning is almost maxed until Outlands. He's getting some good RP time, too, and might have found himself a friend. Maybe. We'll have to see. He just needs to be reunited with his brother (/pokes sis) and I'll be really happy.

And now I need to get what sleep I can before work tomorrow (or later today). /Waves

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