Feb 23, 2011

Kitty comparisons

Yes, I'm still alive. Just very distracted.

But anyways, something I've been thinking about lately is what my druids, specifically their cat forms, look like. The in-game model is great-looking, but not quite the same mental image that I get. So I'm imitating my sis, and giving everyone an idea of what the kitties would look like in real life. Hope you all like it.

Firstly, here's Windstar's cat form inspiration, a snow leopard:

Yes, she really is that fluffy. Especially in her winter coat.

Jahira is a bit leaner, with less fur, more like a mountain lion:

Of course, with their size differences (Windstar is almost 100 lbs. heavier), Star usually wins their wrestling matches.

I would have to poke around on Google/imageshack/etc. to find anything to match Bearkat, or my babies, Jorren the worgen or Razzu the troll. But to finish, here's a good picture of Kel's best friend Sabre. (Just imagine it in frostsaber pride watcher colors)

I'll have a very delayed post for holiday stuff soon (I hope). Windstar is also almost 85, so I'll get to brag on her soon too. :D

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