Oct 4, 2011

Catching Up

Okay, starting with WoW-

Jorren my death knight on Arthas is now Jhorren on Nesingwary. (His name was already taken on the server, and I'm getting tired of putting funky letters in my character's names. :P) I'm sort of unintentionally taking a break from him, but the next thing I'm planning for him is to start collecting a couple heirlooms. That means gearing up will take longer, but I really have been having more fun leveling my alts than grinding gear on my max-levels, so I'll deal with it.

Kel has yet another spirit beast in her menagerie. I took her up to Grizzly Hills and parked by Arcuris' spawn point. Another hunter was already there, so I logged her out there, so I wouldn't disturb the person that had gotten there first. Well, I logged on her again later, the hunter was gone, and guess who was just sitting down there waiting for me?

He's not going to be taking Loq's and Icestorm's spots as favorites, but I really like this guy. Yay glowbear!

So after all that excitement, I actually haven't even been on WoW for the last couple days. I've been getting back into Lord of the Rings Online. They just had their newest big update, and they changed/added a lot of stuff. Also, sis has been on with me a lot, and we've been trying to get into a little of the RP there. We made new characters on an RP server, Laurelin, and we each have one that we're trying to level together. Sis made a guardian, and I have a champion. I also made a couple alts to play with when sis is on WoW or at work, a minstrel and a runekeeper. Holy cow, did they change minstrels! I had one a couple years ago, when LotRO still required a subscription, and it wasn't nearly this fun. I've really missed the music-playing system LotRO has, too. The only thing slowing down my minstrel's leveling has been my habit of parking somewhere in Bree and playing her lute for the random people passing by.

(Have a random screenshot of Bree)

And... that's all I can think of for now, as far as games. Real life hasn't been all that interesting (or fun) lately. My job continues to tire me out, and the changing weather isn't helping. I think I would enjoy fall a little more if it wasn't for the fact that winter will be coming after. Though at least the next couple days are supposed to be warmer, so my achy joints won't be as bad.

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