Oct 14, 2011

The Last One (for now)

So, remember when I mentioned in my last post, that I wouldn't mind having a go at taming Deth'tilac? Well, my trusty pet-finder (a.k.a. sis) finally spotted him today. See for yourselves:

On one hand, my arachnophobia is going crazy. *shudder* On the other hand, I actually sorta like this guy. He's not going to spend much time out with Kel, though. Probably just for PVP (gogo mounts for achievement) and to show off. I'm not sure if he's keeping the name either. I just haven't been able to think of a good one yet, so he's named after Kel's silithid, who he's replacing. Kel has a rename scroll in her bank, if I ever think up something better.

It was a surprisingly easy tame, to be honest. Sis came to help with Pitch, and she just kept Deth rooted as I sent in my trash pet for the Deth Strikes. Tamed him while still rooted, and then bam, new pet. This seriously is her last new pet, too, since I had to put her cat Damien in her very last stable slot to make space to tame Deth. Unless I do some stable-cleaning, which isn't very likely, since I'm pretty attached to all the pets she has now. That's okay though, Rajji still has room in his stables. And I am eventually getting Maxwill and Shadepaw leveled up. >.>

I'm still spending most of my game time on LotRO. On the RP server, Laurelin, my champion (and sis's guardian) are over level 20 now, and my minstrel just hit 23. My burgular on Crickhollow is almost 15, and my hunter 'main' on Windfola, the server we both originally started on, is 32. I actually spent some time today working on some of his older deeds. I think I've figured out my problem with playing on that server, as well, just by looking at the OOC chat channel. On Laurelin, it's usually quiet, with only a few guild/event advertisements, or a couple people goofing around. On Windfola today, the channel was full of trolls, arguing and name-calling, and just generally being disrespectful. It kind of reminds me of why I switched my WoW characters from Gilneas to Feathermoon. RP servers are just have nicer atmospheres, or something. I'm thinking of looking into how to transfer some of my characters, if it's possible and not too pricey.

And now, how about some screenies to finish:

My champ Arrwyn (playing her lute), with sis's guard Raedbor.

My burgular Daeren with sis's character (which I can't remember, because she hasn't been on him in ages :P) on their holiday mounts. I really love the horses in this game. :)

Outside the south gate of Bree. I just thought it looked pretty. >.>

And now, it's late and I must go sleep. /Waves goodnight

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  1. I, for one, LOVE his name. He should definitely keep it. He and Angoleth's shale spider - Squeaky. :D

    I actually like this new spider model too. Kinda want to get a green one and name it Spinach.