Feb 3, 2014

Still here, still busy

I'm still around, just been pretty busy with work and things.

Guild Wars 2 is still my main focus, although my sister recently got the Secret World on sale, and I've been tinkering around with a character on there.


It's been fun enough that I think I'm gonna get the game myself, once my tax return stuff is done and I can get myself a new computer. Which hopefully will be in the next couple weeks or so. :D

With Guild Wars, I been able to get a couple character slots, so I have one of each class now. Ranger is still my favorite, though my warrior, guardian, and necromancer have been a blast too. I've finally made an elementalist that I click with, too, after rolling 2-3 that wound up getting deleted. (Apologies for the picture spam  >.<)

Blood Legion warrior, Raskur Steelfang

elementalist Ari Flameleaf, with a buddy.

Iron Legion engineer, Bear Stonepaw

Kal Riversong, Norn thief. Yes, of course I rolled Kal over here. ;)

necromancer Vanni Sparlock, with her undead posse

mesmer Jorren Ashkel

guardian Kero Skyblade
Kel and Odin, admiring the view

Kel is still my highest level at 50-something, with Kero next at 32 (I think). Raskur and Vanni are both mid-20s, and everyone else is still in the high teens. Jorren and Bear have been a little neglected lately, but they will be leveled eventually. As far as everyone else, I've just been playing with whoever I feel like at that moment, which usually winds up being Kel or Kero. I think Raskur and Vanni have gotten as high as they are simply because when I do play with them, it's usually for most of the day, so they'll get around 2-4 levels each time. Kal is fun too, and would probably be higher, except thieves can be a little tricky to play compared to rangers and guardians, and I just haven't been 'in the mood' to play her as much. She gets to be spoiled with everyone else's crafting, though, so it's not that bad. ;)

I'm still tinkering around on WoW, too. I haven't been doing as much alt-leveling as I would like to, because work has been leaving me too tired and achy to settle down and concentrate for very long, but I'm still getting a little time on Timeless Isle and pet battling. I think another issue I've been having with Warcraft has been computer related, because I think my graphics card might be starting to go bad, so everything in the game looks horrible and pixelated and glitchy, and it's just sort of depressing to look at. Not to mention that the lag has gotten so bad that I can't even do anything group-related, like LFD or LFR, because spending boss fights with my game completely frozen is not particularly fun. :\  Hopefully, finally getting a new computer will help, and I can try to get back into WoW a bit more. Because I miss my friends. :(

I've been missing Star Wars a bit lately, too, but I had to let my sub run out (and the non-sub restrictions really suck) after some after-holiday work hours got cut, but everything has settled back to normal there, so hopefully I can get back to my babies characters there, too.

Well, that's pretty much all I've been up to lately. With any luck, the next post I make will be from a nice, shiny, new computer. :D

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