Dec 6, 2013

So, I did it

The Guild Wars 2 sale was just too much to pass up, so now I have my own account full of characters. And of course, the first one I rolled was a ranger. Sis had said some good things about the Norn area, so Kel Stormbough has been introduced to Tyria. And can I just say.... dang...

help me i kind of made her hot whoops

With Sabre. Because Kel must always have a Sabre.

With Odin.

With Drago the ice drake.

This is Tahnka, and unfortunately I can't ever remember exactly what he is. But look at that face, he's so cute (and deadly).

With Thor.

I may have gone a little crazy with charming things.... >.>
But seriously, I accidentally made a really good-looking character, so I'm not complaining. I also have a very small and unintentional thing with Norse pet names (She also has a fern hound named Freya, but no screenshots of her yet).

Continuing with my altaholicism, I also have a charr warrior, sylvari elementalist, and a human guardian. I'm also planning one or two more. I really want a charr engineer, and also want to try out a mesmer. I had an asura thief, but the character wasn't really working out, so I'm going to reroll a different race later. Apparently asuras fall into the same category with me as gnomes in WoW; they're cute and I like them, I just can't get interested in them enough to actually play one. I might try another asura someday, maybe another ranger since they're so much fun.

Ari Ashleaf, elementalist

Raskur Steelfang, warrior

Kero Skyblade, guardian
So far my warrior has been my second favorite. Mostly because I just love the charr. Kero has been pretty fun as well, although guardians were not exactly like I expected. I was expecting more like a paladin/fighter type class, but she's more like a mix between paladin and water-mage. I'm getting used to it though!

That's it for now, I think. I really should be taking more screenshot with my characters, rather than almost all viewpoint scenery shots. Although I do have a new favorite pic of Kel.

And on that note... /Waves

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