Aug 9, 2010

Have some new arts

I actually did these a while ago, but I've been too busy/distracted to put 'em up here.

First- Have a Jahira (about to pounce on someone, most likely her brother):

And a wolf, inspired by one of the pictures on my calender:

And finally, meet Kelesaria's best friend, Sabre:

That one was just a quick sketch, nothing fancy. Maybe someday I'll add some details, like his stripes and stuff, but I'm not nearly as ambitious as my sister is with her drawings. :P

And that's it for now. My RP itch is starting to come back, but now everyone is tinkering on alts, or on vacation, or something. It's getting a bit frustrating. And more than a bit lonely... So I usually go back to my own alts, or leveling Feathermoon-Riatha's professions. Or watching Cataclysm stuff on youtube. (Can't wait for worgen omygolly.) At least my own vacation is coming up soon. Yay for a whole week away from work! /Waves

p.s. Nightwish's album Dark Passion Play is AMAZING!
p.p.s. Have you ever had something you wanted to tell people, but you were too afraid of how they would respond to actually say anything? It really stinks.

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