Aug 3, 2010

Short Post is Short... sort of

Not much going on. Kel's guild raided ICC again, but I was only there for the first night (Wednesday). The reason was, Friday night me and sis went to hang out with our brother and some friends, then Saturday was a friend's engagement party. Perhaps I should feel guilty for skipping on the raids, but you know what? I had fun for the first time in... well, a very long time. WoW has not been the fun distraction that it used to be, and I think it has been good for me to be around people, especially family. There has been almost nothing to do lately except heroics, dailies, and rep grinds, and it's all just getting a bit boring. Especially since one of my friends has suddenly been MIA, and another has been distracted by Starcraft 2. Don't worry, I'm not quitting the game or anything, not even close. I'm just sort of taking it easy with it, until the expansion comes out.

On that note, I have rerolled Kalenedral's sister Riàtha on Feathermoon. Since my financial situation has yet to improve, and I had made a character to hold the name, I decided to just level that toon, instead of transfering my 80 from Gilneas. Only problem so far is, I have no idea what to do proffession-wise. She has mining right now, for money, but I'm not sure whether to take another money-maker, or try (again) to skill up a blacksmith.

Work is still wearing me down, but my hours are slightly better this week, so at least my paycheck will be decent. Maybe. I hope.

And it is way too late, and I haven't been sleeping well lately, so I'm off to bed. I need to stop trying to write blog posts this late, I really do. /waves

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