Aug 29, 2010

Been Busy... (lots of pics)

Sorry for the long /afk again, but I've been distracted lately. I've actually been taking a small break from Warcraft to try out a new game my brother plays, Allods. So far it's been a blast. Not quite as addicting as WoW, but a lot of fun. And the gameplay and graphics are at least as good as WoW. Have a few examples:

Some of the scenery-

There are critters EVERYWHERE in this game. And they are all CUTE!

While tinkering on that stuff, I've been doing a project with Caderlly, my little Forsaken shadow priest. I was planning to server/faction switch him, but before I did, I wanted the ravasaur mount (because I heard that it turns to a winterspring frostsaber for faction switchers). So for 21 days (I missed one day, I'm bad), Cad was out collecting meat, eggs, and feathers for his tiny baby ravasaur. I finished it Thursday, and today did the switch. Ta-da!

(No shadowform, so you can actually see the pretty mounts :P)
That's one toon off Durotan, 3 more to go. Hopefully it won't take a few more months before Taarren gets her turn. I'm getting back into WoW again too, so Cad should be 80 and hitting heroics before too long. I'm kinda sorta hoping to get him geared quickly, so I can start trying to get him into raids on occasion. I love raiding on Kel, but she's getting most of the gear I want on her, and it would be nice to have something different to do. Plus, Cad was my main raider horde-side during BC, and I've missed him. I just hope my guild will cooperate with him staying shadow. I haven't touched his holy off-spec for several levels now, and I don't really like priest healing, or healing raids in general. I may even respec his holy side to a shadow PVP spec, haven't decided yet.

And now I think I've rambled enough for now. Hopefully the next update will be sooner. And will most likely have more Allods in it. >.>

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