Sep 12, 2010


Yay for accomplishments. His tailoring is ~440 now, too. He had his ebonweave robe and gloves and a bunch of other stuff made, all ready to wear when he dinged. Then I went and completed all but Occulus for his Northrend dungeonmaster, so he could learn the Wispcloak pattern. On a whim, I decided to try one heroic before going to bed, and guess what popped? Occulus. So he can make the cloak now, and has a spiffy achievement.

I spent today on Allods, leveling my caster-spec priest (who happens to be also named Caderrly. I'm good at names, aren't I? :P), who is now about halfway to 18.

(Why yes, he does have a funky-looking bishop hat. Feel free to laugh at it. :P)

I'll probably be back on WoW tomorrow. (Er, later today?) At least, around work and stuff. Honestly, if my bank account wasn't finally getting a little less depressing, I would be really hating my job right now. Worse than I already do, I mean. From last Friday, 9/3, til Tuesday, 9/14, I will have worked 10 of the 12 days. My joint problems are making me pretty danged miserable, and the fact that the weather is changing towards fall doesn't help. Cold nights mean waking up stiff and sore, and having to face a day at work just makes me want to hide under the covers and not come out ever again. It is nice not having to worry as much about paying my share of the rent, but sometimes I wonder if it really is worth it. /Sigh

Although, on a good note, last Thursday I got to help rescue a kitten from a car engine in the parking lot.

And with that, I must go sleep. /Waves

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