Sep 30, 2010

Hunter + Boredom = ...New Pet?

Boredom can make me do some really off-the-wall stuff sometimes. Like today. I had been poking on the Petopia forums, and just for kicks, I read the thread about how to tame The Beast in LBRS. I had never been a fan of core hounds, with their loud footsteps and annoying growl, but the thought of my 'uber huntress' having a pet with a 'boss' tag was very tempting.

So I'm off work today and tomorrow, and I took a day from my new LotRO addiction to tinker on WoW. The Beast was still in the back of my mind, and when I got on Kel to do a holiday Direbrew run for some easy frost badges, I decided what the heck. She has a lot of older tier gear in her bank, because I am a packrat (in-game, I'm not nearly as bad irl), so I got out anything with +haste on it, and regemmed them with haste gems. Then mailed her some worg meat for buff food, and some speed potions and elixirs. Then finally I felt like I was ready for an attempt.

After a few tries, I figured it wasn't going to work out. Her cast time for tame beast was still too long, and he kept knocking her back and interrupting it. I couldn't find the forum post to get more ideas, but I did discover that one of the PVP trinkets has a nice chunk of haste. A bunch of stone keeper shard turn-ins and a couple battlegrounds later, with the purchase of a rep belt with more haste, and a couple more gems, I decided to try again. She had over 600 haste rating by then, all buffed up, but when she got back to the Beast's room and had another go, it still wasn't enough. This was getting a bit discouraging, and I didn't know any shamen that could have come helped with heroism, so I was about to give up. I decided to have just one more try, though. And guess what?

I have no clue what happened that time, but IT WORKED!! My lil hunter has tamed a boss. /flex Now I just need to wait for Cataclysm and more stable slots, so I can start planning my King Krush hunt. >.>

The only bad part is that Kel had to let Tyran the devilsaur go. I'm going to miss him, but really, it's just a temporary separation. And he really was the only 'expendable' pet she had. He'll be one of the first she re-tames after the expansion, though. But for now, Kel has a big drooly puppy to level. Even if you can't tell because of the boss skull on his portait. /grin



  1. Oh that's awesome!

    Maybe you should next tame Kind Dred to replace your devilsaur :D

  2. I did think of Dred, but I really like the dark devilsaur skin. Although, with all the new stable space, I may go after him anyways, just for kicks :D
    That would make 3 devilsaurs for Kel, since I plan on camping Krush as well. Sometimes I wonder if there's any hunter-pet-addict therapy groups I should look for. >.>