Sep 28, 2010

Storytime: Young Kal

Have a random Kal story. I don't think I've ever really mentioned just how close Kal and Riatha were before Riatha was killed and reborn as a Death Knight. Riatha pretty much raised Kal, acting as mother, sister, and best friend to Kal for most of her life. Even after her transformation, Ria is still always there for her 'baby sister'.

Riatha followed her ears to the source of the whimpering she heard. Sure enough, there was her sister, huddled in a corner of the small parlor, trying to stifle her tears. The young Sentinel-in-training deliberately bumped a small table just hard enough to rattle the knick-knacks sitting on it, letting Kal know she was there without startling her. The tiny elven girl looked up quickly, but then relaxed when she saw who it was. "Ria, didn't see you there, sorry," she mumbled. Riatha came over and sat on a nearby couch, looking her sister over critically. "Okay, who was it this time, babe. The boys again?" Kal sniffed as she joined Riatha on the couch, huddling on one end. "Nah, was the girls this time. They was all playing dress-up, and when I told 'em I didn't wanna join, they started callin' me names." She turned her head, trying to wipe her eyes against her shoulder.

Riatha gave a quiet grunt, and began looking inside the drawers of the table, pulling a hankerchief out of the second one. She leaned closer to her little sister, gently wiping her eyes, then handing the hanky over so Kal could blow her nose. After doing so, Kal rested her chin on her drawn-up knees, staring at the opposite wall. "Why're they all like that, Ria? All they care about is how pretty they think they are. It's so bloody boring." Riatha stifled a chuckle, and replied, "Don't say that around Mother, you know she doesn't like that language. And I don't know. I guess some people are just like that. Not everyone can be as eager about learning to fight and scout as you, you know." She reached over to ruffle Kal's hair, making her duck, grumbling. Suddenly, Kal sat up and leaned over to give Riatha a hug. "Least I got someone to talk to 'bout it. Even if we don't understand 'em, we can still complain to each other about 'em, right?" She grinned mischievously up at her sister. Riatha grinned back, and returned the hug warmly. "Right."

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