Sep 21, 2010


So, I'm still keeping pretty busy. Lord of the Rings Online is now free-to-play, which means I got to dust off my 2 accounts and get back into the best game environment I've ever found. Yes, I have 2 accounts. I blame a mix-up with the 2 trial versions I got to tinker with before I got addicted-I mean- started playing my own 'real' account. Although I have spent most of the time on said 'real' account.

It's nice playing a game where when a question is asked, even if it's the 347th time for THE EXACT SAME QUESTION, and instead of sarcasm or even downright cruel answers, people actually give help. I think the main frustration with WoW lately has been that so many people decide to be complete jerks, mostly because of the LFD tool. Why give the effort to be nice to someone you'll likely never see again, right? Uh, wrong, for me at least. LotRO has the best community I've ever played in, which I have missed, even more than fun, addicting professions and the amazing music system. (Seriously, Blizzard, put a woodworking profession and a music-playing system in WoW and I will love you forever.)

Well, besides beating up wild animals, bandits, and orcs on LotR, work has still been seriously kicking my tail, although, if I'm careful, I don't hurt quite as much. And in addition, Kal has been poking in my head, and I've been writing a ton of stuff about her. Nearly all back-story stuff, since current RP is pretty much non-existent for now. The one or two times I have been awake enough to participate, nothing has been going on, and the times stuff actually happens, I end up hearing about it from sis after I wake up from crashing as soon as I got home from work. I really do miss my friends, though. And Kal misses 'her girl' too. *sigh*

And now I get to grab about 3 hours of sleep before my next long shift at work. *grumble,why do I keep doing this,grumble* /sleepywave

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