Aug 7, 2013

Server Troubles

Still happily tinkering away on Star Wars. At least most of the time. I'm not sure if I've mentioned yet, but most of my characters are all on the RP server, Ebon Hawk. I have a few on the other RP server, Begeren Colony, as well. Specifically, my Sith Warrior, Jhorren (who has been introduced here already), and my smuggler, Rhaiko -

I only just started playing Rhaiko recently, and she's been a total blast. She has a major 'tough girl' attitude, with a secret soft spot that isn't seen very often. I'm pretty much totally in love with this character, and the class story is pretty fun, too.

But the server..... ugh. Begeren Colony doesn't have the most RP friendly reputation (in fact there was a forum post about at least one guild saying that they were going to grief and troll ALL the RPers off 'their' server). And then, in an instance run, I ran into the second person who thought it was ok to take drops that they can't use away from someone who needed it as a legitimate upgrade (aka, me). The first time it was Jhorren losing a new piece of armor. The ninja-looter then left the group without a word after the instance was done. The second time, a Jedi (go figure) took a gun from Rhaiko, because he said his companion didn't have one.

Well, I think I just give up. At least Rhaiko is only level 19, so rerolling her on Ebon Hawk won't be a big deal. (Although I'm developing a severe dislike of Ord Mantell...) But poor Jhorren is going to have to sit and wait until I can save up the cartel coins to transfer him. :(

Another small consolation is that I can race-change (er, species-change?) Rhaiko, because I seriously have a lot of human(-ish) characters, and I want more variety so I can get all my legacy achievements. So, now Rhaiko is a Twi'lek, because I somehow didn't have one yet.

As far as my others go, Qurana is almost done with Hoth, and almost level 40. Khrysi is almost 30 and working on Alderaan. Xadarr is almost 20, and about halfway though Balmorra. I may start working on my other Sith Warrior, Korriala, while waiting to get Jhorren off the other server, as well.

And.... I may have rolled another Agent, who's main purpose will be romancing Watcher Two. >.>  Don't judge!

say 'hi', Krasio
And then there's all my other alts who I tinker on when I'm bored.... I'm gonna be busy for a nice, long while.


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