Oct 4, 2013

Update time

*Blows away the dust*

So, umm, hi. It's been a while, but that's mostly because I've been very distracted lately. I blame Tumblr the most.  -_-

I'm still playing Star Wars as much as I can, with some Final Fantasy 14 every now and then. My sister managed to get the game early, and let me make a couple characters to tinker with. Although she's letting her account go inactive when her free game time is over. /sadface

Kero, my lancer/archer.

Jorren, my pugilist
Lancers and pugilists are definitely my favorites so far. I've been looking for the game myself, so I can reroll these guys (and probably a couple more >.>), but with the licence restrictions, I haven't been able to find a PC copy yet. :(

With Star Wars, my Jedi shadow, Khrysi, has taken over most of my play time. I've heard a lot of complaining about the consular storyline, but I really don't understand it, because it's been pretty amazing so far. I just finished chapter 2, so story-wise she's caught up to Qurana, and I think she'll wind up as my first max-level character. Also, just for the record, Qyzen rocks.

FYI, I really love this robe. I don't even know why.
I still tinker on alts as well. Drax'o the bounty hunter is in Nar Shaddaa now, and Tagnesh, my sorcerer, is working through Tatooine. Rhaiko is getting a bit of a break, and I haven't been on Jhorren much lately, either, but that will probably change once I'm "done" with Khrysi.

I've been a bit more interested in WoW since the last patch. The new island is pretty awesome for gearing up alts, even when it keeps giving them the wrong stats on their gear, but I guess that's what reforging is for? (Seriously, how much hit rating does it think warriors need? >.<) Kal, Windstar, and Jorren have all gotten their ilvls above 470 already, and it's giving me some much-needed encouragement to continue leveling more alts. And doing more pet battles/leveling, of course. ;)

Well, that's all the interesting things I can think of for now. Hopefully it won't be another month before my next post, but I don't want to make any promises. :\

Have a random Jhorren. Just because he is such a handsome bugger. <3 td="">

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