Nov 1, 2013

Hello again

Ugh, holidays. Once upon a time, I actually enjoyed them. Now it seems like it's just another thing to stress me out. (And make my job even crazier.) And I swear, if I hear one single Christmas carol before Thanksgiving is over, I will punch something.  -_-

On a somewhat more cheerful note, Star Wars is still going well, even with my unexpected spells of altitis. Khrysi is 47, and is currently going through the Voss bonus series before heading to Correlia. I've been missing Qurana pretty bad lately, so she'll probably be the next one I focus on. Drax'o and Xadarr have been poking me for attention, too. And Jhorren finally finished chapter 2 of his story.

(Here, have some screenshot spam)

Drax'o has been getting a little spoiled, gear-wise. >.>   I happened upon the Minimalist Gladiator's armor for very cheap in the GTN, and just couldn't resist. I've been collecting the Cassus Fett set as well, and right now the chest piece is the last thing I need. He's probably going to keep using the Gladiator's most of the time though. Because seriously, just look at him. (Mako certainly is...)

And speaking of Qurana.... I may not have been playing her much, but she has been getting a bunch of companion gifts from Khrysi, and as a result, her and Vector are 'Official' now.

there were many *squees* happening during this.

The agent/Vector romance gives me so many warm-fuzzy feelings, I just don't even..... *sigh*

Khrysi and Iresso have been *cough* getting to know each other better, as well. Which is kind of funny, because she has never seemed interested in that sort of thing before. She even turned Theran's offer down, and didn't really do much, if any, flirting with Iresso before the first romance conversation came up. I'm not sure if she's going to go with the marriage proposal or not, when it happens. Right now I'm thinking she'll turn it down (but still keep the relationship), but I'll have to wait and see what "vibes" (for lack of a better word) she's giving me when the time comes.

..... I've kind of been spending a lot of time thinking about my characters, alright? Don't judge. >.>

Also, sis went and got Guild Wars 2, (hooray for awesome sales!) and let me make a couple characters to tinker with. My sylvari elementalist hasn't done much yet, but my char ranger has been a blast.
Meet Daunclaw (and Fang)
She's level 7 and has been mostly just exploring and killing random things to get as many weapon skills as possible. It's been a fun, relaxing distraction so far, and I can't wait til I can finally get a better computer and get my own copy of the game. Sis also said something about getting a month's time of Final Fantasy 14 soon-ish, so hopefully I will get to play with Kero and Jorren again, too.

Well, I think that's enough for now. You know, I might maybe make a  few character posts sometime, just to show off the piles of screenshots I've been taking, and to get a few things about each of them out of my head and written down. We'll have to see how much work and stuff distracts me from actually doing it. :P

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