Nov 19, 2013

Oh yea....

I almost forgot to mention -

Jahira is finally caught up to her family. And! It was mostly on pet battles. Because I am so bored with questing right now, thinking about it makes me want to cry. I must have gotten at least 6 pets from baby-levels to 25 just leveling her from 87 1/2 to 90. (With a little bit of questing to break the monotony.)

She's spent a little time on Loot Timeless Isle, so she's got some gear upgrades, and I'm not failing quite as much boomkin'ing. Although I've been using her gear tokens while in her resto spec, so most of her gear is more for healing. It works well enough, though.

I'm kinda sorta trying to get her into an RP night, but so far I haven't had the energy, physically or mentally. I really want to do something with her before my game time runs out on that account, though, so I'm gonna try again tomorrow night. Wish me luck!

And now I should get to bed, so hopefully I can be actually awake for tomorrow night....

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