Apr 29, 2010

Random stuff..

First of all, my raiding guild on Gilneas is back to a schedule that works better for me and my sister. They had been raiding Tuesday night, which is RP night on Feathermoon. Since right now, RP > raiding, we were both missing on day 1 of ICC stuff. (Guess what? The bow dropped on the first night I missed. Our rogue got it because he was the only person there that could use it. /sadface) They did this because that night worked better for the other guild we raided with (because we don't have enough core people to run even 10-mans right now). Well, there was some drama with the other guild, so now we're back to raiding Wednesday nights. We have to PUG a spot or 2, but last night went pretty well. Festergut still eats our faces though. :\ And the blasted bow did NOT drop. Again. *grumble*

Feathermoon has been tons of fun. Between RP stuff with Kal, and leveling her, I haven't even played on any other server for a couple weeks, other than occasional raids. And I'm actually pretty happy about it. Heck, I haven't even played any other character for several days. I never thought warriors were so much fun to play. :D Oh, and the biggest news for Kal:

(Look, it's not the Hodir quest chain! ;)) This makes, um, (counts on fingers)6 lvl 80s for me. I think this means I officially have no life. :D

After dinging, I went through her bank and the AH, and she is ready to start tanking stuff. I will still be very wary of PUGs until she has better gear, but she is defense capped, with decent HP for just starting out. I will probably be going through the armory and looking at other tanks, to adjust her spec, but since I'm not sure of her ever getting in a raid, I'm not going to worry if it's not 'perfect'.

On the RP side, she is a lot happier now than the last few days. The haunting mess has been taken care of, and her friends are safe.(Right here has all the awesomeness of Maggie Maunt's ending) So now, she and Channi have more time to relax together. We are planning more mischief for them to get into, but for now Kal is happy to just be able to hold Channi without worrying if an invisible leper gnome is going to attack either one of them again.

And that's all I can think of for now. WoW is calling me, and Kal has dailies to do before her first trip into heroicing. /Waves

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