Apr 25, 2010

Storytime: Hauntings

(Brief intro: The Wildfire Riders seriously ticked off a powerful Cult of the Damned member, so she sent ghosts to several Riders as well as a few associates. One of the people being haunted is Channi, a young Death Knight, who Kal has become quite attached to. This takes place a day or two after Channi is attacked by her ghost.
Links: The Riders' hauntings are here, and Channi's latest gnome attack is here.)

Kal worriedly watched over the still form on the infirmary bed. Channi was sleeping again, after the University's healers were done looking her over after her move from the Cathedral. With her closed eyes hiding the blue Death Knight glow, she looked so small and helpless. Kal swallowed hard, and reached out to carefully take Channi's nearest hand, simply holding it. Bloody Elune, how did I let this happen..., she thought guiltily. When she had suggested the girl stay the night at her apartment, she had been hoping that Arien's presence might keep the ghost at bay, but she had been proven wrong. And although Channi was doing fine, just needing to rest from the ordeal, and the healing afterward, Kal still felt like she shouldn't have had to go through it. She sighed quietly, rubbing a hand over her face.

A gentle bump from a feline nose on her arm brought her out of her gloomy thoughts. Windstar seemed to be reading her mind, and was staring at her disapprovingly. "You had no way of knowing this would happen, and the nature of these hauntings means you couldn't have done anything more than what you did. Stop moping about it, or Channi might wake up, see your face, and think she did something wrong," the druid scolded. Kal blinked at her, then looked back at Channi and nodded, realizing she was right. Her free hand reached over and began rubbing Star's ears gratefully. She chuckled softly. "You know, Arien has been telling me the same thing. I guess, if both of you think that, maybe I should listen." Star just twitched her ears, but her expression looked amused. And perhaps slightly smug. A minute later, two of the University healers headed in their direction. Kal saw them coming and grimaced. "Guess visiting hours are over," she said to Star. She gave Channi's hand a slight squeeze before letting go, and waved placatingly at the healers as she slowly stood up. "I know, I know, I'll go quietly this time."

Kal and Star left the infirmary and headed towards the canals. Once out of the mage district, they both paused. Star looked up at Kal. "Um, my brother is here for a few days, and I think I'm going to see him for a while. He doesn't come around very much, and I've missed him. I'll meet you at home later?" Kal nodded. "Okay, Star," she replied. Star unshifted, hugged Kal, then shifted back to a cat and trotted towards the Park. Kal watched her go, then turned and headed for the Pig. Dear Elune, I wish this 'haunting' mess was over with, she thought wearily.

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