Apr 8, 2010

Updates 'n' stuff

Bad blogger is bad. Neglected blog is...yea.

Work schedule is being crazy right now, so I've been half-asleep most of the time lately. I am so NOT a morning person. -.-

I have been on a huge leveling binge with Kalenedral, my warrior. She is currently 64. She will not be 64 for long. >.> A few thoughts PVE-wise: Revenge is hax. I love warrior tanking. Death grip should be taken out of the game, or at least become a lvl 80 skill. I hate PuG fail groups. Seriously, if you jerk dps'ers think I'm going too slow, feel free to leave. AND STOP PULLING FOR ME!!!.../rant off

Where was I? Oh yea.

In between leveling, I have been RPing with her a lot too, and she seems to be making friends. She has also met Windstar, ICly, and, well, I may be posting snippets of how they're getting along soon-ish. >.> (It is also kind of frustrating, because I would love to have them together in-game, but I would need a second account, which is out of my budget right now. /sadface)

I have also been doing Noblegarden holiday stuff on Star. I did it all on Kelesaria last year, and it was pretty easy and fun. It's her in-game title, in fact. Last night I made a very important discovery....

Bunnies can ride mammoths. This is just too darn cute.(That is actually Kal, doing some holiday RP. Fun times :D)

And on that note, time to get another level or 3 on Kal. /Waves

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