Apr 16, 2010


So, I really don't like QQ PuG stories, other than for amusement, and I have passed up blogging about some real whoppers of my own. But this? This just boggles me. First thing the healer does is start putting the star raid icon on my head. Then I get this:

Seriously, dude? You think you run the show because you are suposed to keep my little green bar full? Just WHO do you think is keeping all those mobs from coming and eating your face?

I really would like to know, if anyone can tell me. Why does everyone hate the tank? I have had my fair share of horrible tanks on my DPS toons, but playing Kal, I have realized just how hard tanking is. And the funny thing? I didn't have any of this during lower lvls, like around the 40s. It wasn't until Outlands that everyone started with the 'GoGoGo' and the huge attitude problems.

So now? Kal, who I originally rolled for the express purpose of being a tank, is now going to queue as dps, unless I have friends with me. And only to get quests done. I have too many RL issues for this game (which is the only real stress relief I have) to add more.

And that Nexus group with the jerk healer? Left as soon as I was out of combat from the first pull. I would wonder how long it took to replace me, but I really can't make myself care.

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  1. Weeeell... I can tell you what the start and end of the problem is. See that guy's server? Stonehell.

    If there's a bright center to the universe, Stonemaul the server that it's farthest from. The jerks, the asshats, the morons, the 13-year-olds... The scum of Azeroth collects there.

    And I might just happen to play there >.>