Jun 2, 2010

And another joins the ranks...

Say hello to my third level 80 hunter. And 8th level 80 overall. :P Maybe I really do have no life...

Anyways. Two of his pets (his jormungar worm Jervan and spirit beast Treyvan) are already 80 as well. I queued him for a random soon as he dinged, which popped way earlier than I thought it would. It decided to toss him into Forge of Souls, which was interesting (and not in a good way). He hadn't even trained his lvl 80 skills yet, and he had Jervan with him. It was a pretty overpowered group, though, and he didn't do too terrible. He even got a couple upgrades, some leather shoulders, from a greed roll (lucky me?), and a staff. He has already collected quite few badges, and has the badge necklace. I just need to get him a new ranged weapon (hopefully not a gun) and he'll be all set.

I have more thoughts, but my killer headache is making it hard to concentrate, so I'll save it for another post. /Waves

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