Jun 21, 2010

"Me? A hero? Nah..."

((*Ahem* So, Windstar has been very quiet lately, but all of a sudden today, she decided that she wants to say something. She's been MIA for a while, and for anyone that doesn't know, it's because she's been trying to help in Icecrown. Since work makes it hard for me to commit to a raiding schedule (even if I could find a raid with a opening for a kitty DPS), she can't really be in ICC with her friends, so she's finding her own way to fight the Scourge. She would say that it's not much, but it's the best she can do.))

My friends are all in Icecrown, actually in the Citidel. This... actually scares me. A lot. I know they can all take care of themselves, and they'll watch each other's backs, but I still worry about them all. I mean, Bricu and Threnn have a little one, and Aely is getting married sometime soon. And Feliche... he may say he's just a big dumb warrior, but he still gives the best back-scratches.*purrs*

...I'm not a hero. I'm just a cat that wants to help. My friends are the heroes. And by Malfurion's antlers, I'm going to make sure nothing sneaks up and tries to get them from behind.

So, Riders. Go do what you do best. I'll be out here, doing my own small part. And hopefully, when it's all over, and the Bloody Prince is taken care of for good, we'll get to have our own family celebration in the Pig. That's what's important, you know. Family and friends. That's what we're fighting for.

Never again, my friends...

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