Jun 17, 2010

What's New

Well, for starters, obviously I'm playing with the new design feature I just discovered. Other than that, lots of leveling, farming, and heroicing, and finally getting some of my RP itch scratched.

My warlock Rynia is now level 60. Have I mentioned yet that I love heirloom gear? I'm having waaaay too much fun with destruction, especially now that she finally has Shadowfury. I feel sorry for her poor voidwalker, whenever I bother to have him out. He just can't hold aggro against Ryn's crits, so I usually have her imp out. The imp is suposed to be the best pet for destruction anyways, amirite?

My recent profession switch with her seems to be working well. She had been herbalism/alchemy, but since I got rid of my death knight-tailor-bank alt, I dropped herbs on her to pick up tailoring. She had enough cloth from her power-level-instance runs (thank you, Takani :D) that her tailoring hit 300 right after she dinged 60. Windstar has been picking her herbs, so her alchemy hasn't been neglected either. So far, I'm very happy with how she's coming along. And this is for the third (at least) attempt that I've made at playing a 'lock. I guess this proves even more, I just have to get a character to 'click' in order to actually enjoy playing it.

Tadrith's heroic grind has been slow but fun. I've missed playing a hunter, with my raiding guild's GM MIA for the last month. I'm trying to be careful and make sure I don't get burned out, and so far so good. His leatherworking is taking forever to finish, though. It gets almost rather depressing to farm up 3 stacks of borean leather, then turn it all into heavy leather, and wind up with exactly half of one stack. I really wish Blizzard would lower the conversion rates for making heavy leather (and bolts of cloth, while they're at it).

Kal has been slightly neglected lately. The RP scene has slowed down recently, so I haven't really done much except log on for her jewelcrafting daily, and usually a daily heroic. I really ought to be running more than one a day on her, since she can start collecting DPS gear, now that I'm mostly happy with her tanking set. And arms DPS is flipping fun. She had a short spell with fury as her dps spec, and she did do a little better, but I missed the playstyle of arms and had to switch back. The only problem is, I had been doing so much RP with her, that now that there isn't as much going on, I get bored and wind up hopping on someone else. Good for my plan of getting as many alts to 80 as possible before the expansion, but bad for my desire to play her. However, there has been a few scattered bits of RP for me to sneak into, so it's getting a little better.

And while I'm mentioning Kal, I have been working on some bits and pieces of her backstory. IC-ly, she's actually not that old, but she's managed to do quite a lot, most of it involving getting into trouble, and collecting scars to show off afterward. I had some pretty major (and annoying) issues with writer's block, but it seems to finally be working itself out. The story I'm working on now, if it turns out as well as I'm hoping, will be pretty epic, and might have to be in more than one post. It's still in the rough stages right now, but hopefully I can keep up my writing binges and get it finished, or at least get to the point where I'm happy with it. Because, honestly, when are people's stories ever really 'finished'? ;)

And on that note, it is way too late, and I have to work tomorrow. Er, later today. :\

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  1. Massive Wall of Text stories are fun.

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