Jun 12, 2010

Boredom, meet Emeriss....

What happens when a bored druid sees a dragon yelling challenges across the Hinterlands? This does:

Atempt #1 was solo. He doesn't hit hard (not on an 80, at least), but then I discovered his sleep gas cloud, the hard way. Splat.

My sister brought her hunter Wildlark over for attempt #2. While we waited for Star's debuff to go away, Takani joined in. Tak tanked, Lark pewpewed, Star did her tree thing. We did ok for a bit, but then the gas clouds got us again. Triple splat.

Attempt #3, same setup, but we payed more attention. And guess what?

Boo yea, baby.

Besides random silliness like this, I have been working on a couple other stories. Tad's spirit beast tames, and something from Kal's past, to be exact. Writer's block fails, but I am slowly working past it. So expect more in the hopefully-not-too-distant future. >.>


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