Dec 12, 2009

3.3 for me so far

Because everyone else is making notes about the patch, so I might as well join the club, amirite?

Well, so far I've only been doing stuff on Windstar, so I havent really tried out the hunter changes. Tried the new LFG on my troll Rajji last night, but wound up in herioc Old Kingdom, which hates me, and the tank abandoned the group on the first wipe. Which lead to the group falling apart. Not a good start for him. :( He is starting to camp for the new spirit beast bear though... >.>

Windstar, on the other hand, is having a ball. She has even gotten to run with a few friends. I'm almost always healing, but she did get to go kitty for a couple runs. Druid tree healing is fun, anyways, so I don't mind. The single bad experience I've had was last night, and it wasn't really anyone's fault. The LFG thingy was under the illusion that my gear level was good enough for the new Forge of Souls, heroic version. I have been avoiding the place, because no one wants to run the regular version, and I knew I couldn't handle it on heroic. I was proven correct. :P Although, some really nice caster bracers dropped, not sure if we had killed anyone special or if it was just a random drop for the instance. Then I got a bit of a '/facepalm /lol' moment when the warlock in the group complained that she couldn't roll 'need' on them. I had to point out that they were leather. /Sigh.

Nothing much to report RP-wise. Everyone has been running the new instances, and a lot of old ones, so there hasn't been much. I may spend the day on Gilneas, since a lot of my toons there are only short by a few badges to get some shiny upgrades, and I have been missing playing Kel lately. Have to see how long I can stay away from the crazy OOC chat that goes on on Feathermoon. /evil grin (<3 those guys)

And that's all I can think of for now. /waves

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