Dec 10, 2009

Very Quick Update

..Because I really should be sleeping. :(

Star isn't very happy. It is totally her player's fault, too. Lack of sleep makes me depressed. Long term lack of sleep makes me want to go hide in a deep hole and never come out again. Long term lack of sleep + a work shift full of massive amounts of pain = 'o someone please just shoot me now'.

So, just so I don't have to pretend that my kitty is happy, when I really want to go lay down and die (not really, but close), I'm working on a bit of story line. It makes me sad, because it involves my little hunter Tadrith and one of his best friends. To make it short, his wolf Keenath is getting old. Windstar has been trying to help, but she can't do anything about simple old age. She has her own issues as well, but I'll get into that later. So, next post will hopefully be a story about that, and sometime in the near future, Tad will have another stable slot to fill, probably with another cat. Yes, as far as hunter pets go, I think I qualify as a crazy cat lady. :P

It is slightly annoying, but I just can't keep interested in wolf pets. No idea why. Kel has tamed several, and let them all go, my Belf Kerowyn had one, my orc Treng has one, but I haven't had him out of the stable in ages. I really love wolves, in-game and irl, but I just keep getting bored with them. So, Tad will be taming a lynx, because I love the model, and my one hunter alt that has one? Hasn't been played in months.

So, that's all for now, must go pass out before my headache gets worse. Goodnight!

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