Dec 3, 2009


Windstar is level 80, finally! Best part is: it was on a discovery in Storm peaks. The 4 quests I had to turn in at the time wound up being 117 xp short. :P

Now, normally I'm able to get a screenshot of the big moment. I have 4 other 80s, and I have pics of each one. However, this time, the Lag Monster decided to throw a monkey wrench in it. :(
I had been having odd lagspikes off and on all day, finally forcing me to close my Itunes (/sadface), plus Star was doing the Sons of Hodir questline, so it was switching her between normal birdy and great big, swimming-in-the-air, blue thing. The screenshot caught her in midchange, and the lag meant, well, see for yourselves :

Oh well :(

So one leveling grind is over. Now to start on heroics so she can get Tad the heirloom bow and some shoulders.
She's gotten a start on gearing up, after getting invited to dps for a regular ToC run. She got new feral shoulders, belt, and cloak, and a resto belt. I'm getting very happy with her feral gear already, she's almost hit-capped, and has somewhere around 4700 ap and over 30% crit. Not too shabby considering that she just dinged a few hours ago.

I have been missing my paladin Arien again lately, so I might be posting a story or 2 about her in the near future. Also. . . Things haven't been going too well on my guild on Gilneas. The GM has been doing RL things, and my other friends there have been trying to occupy themselves with no raiding. Since I'm usually on vent with them, I've heard a lot, though I'm not certain about details. I'm worried about the guild in general, but honestly, it's also just giving me even less reasons to play there.

So, I have decided. Arien and Kalenedral are coming to Feathermoon. My others will stay on Gilneas for now, mostly because my character list will be full with those two and my priest Caderlly, but also since Kel/Tadrith and Jahira/Windstar would be almost copying each other, and seems pointless to have on the same server (Kel and Tad even have the same proffesions!). And I have invested too much time and emotion into each one of my characters to even think of deleting anyone. Besides, my friends are still there, though 2 of them have transfered one toon each to Hordeside. Which means I will actually have people to play with if I ever get to leveling my Belf hunter there.

As for the transfers, I will be waiting until around Christmastime, in the hope that extra holiday pay will make the $50 less painful. Poor Cad is going to have to wait even longer, but. . /shrug. So, sometime soon-ish, the Pig will have a couple new faces. >.> Star will still be there regularly though. My sister has even said she will most likely move her druid Alanon there about the same time, or soon after. So Arien will get to keep her boyfriend around. >.>

On that note, the two of us have been working a little story about those two which hopefully will be done soon. I just need to get my brain out of Star's head, and into Arien's. :P darn writer's block...

Need to sleep now. I should stop posting things this late, I tend to ramble way too much when I'm sleepy. :(

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