Dec 1, 2009

Pilgrim's Bounty Shenanigens

Massive Wall o' Text alert :D And some hunter/druid mischief. >.>

Tadrith was sprawled on his chair, at the table in front of Stormwind, completely bored. Shaurria lay under the table, equally bored. Tad was actually starting to doze off, when a voice hissed in his ear, "Nice lil spread they got 'ere, 'ey mate?" Tad jumped slightly, opening one eye to look at the seat next to him. A dirty, rogue-ish looking man, almost certainly one of Old Town's less reputable citizens, was looking at him, while filching bits of turkey and chunks of sweet potato in napkins into his pockets. He grinned, showing at least three missing teeth. "Course, the Horde gots tables too. They get real mad when you try 'n snitch stuff from 'em, tho'." Tad simply stared at him, slowly raising one eyebrow. The vagabond finally shifted uncomfortably in his seat, then abrubtly got up and went to another table, where he began grabbing handfuls of stuffing. Tad sighed and looked down at Shaur, sprawled half-alseep under the table. An idea began to grow slowly in the back of his mind. Reaching down, he gently tugged her tail. "Heya Fuzzy, just exactly how bored are you?"

Not much later, Tad and Shaur were getting on the boat that travelled to the goblin town, Ratchet. As soon as the boat landed, they mounted their sabers and headed to Orgrimmar. They found the feasting tables outside the city, far enough that the guards at the entrance didn't even notice them. The locals at the tables, however gave them several dirty looks, and a few muttered what Tad assumed were threats. They weren't attacked, however, though Tad noticed a blood elf watching them, and especially Shaur, closely. They left after only a couple minutes, deciding to travel to Thunder Bluff.

It was a long ride, but their mounts were in good condition, and they set a good pace, steady and not too fast, and soon entered the green rolling mesas of Mulgore. Tad entertained Shaur with the story of travelling here and finding Keenath, and before too long, they saw the towering bluffs in the distance. As they neared it, they saw more Horde gathered, looking far more agressive and angry than at Orgrimmar. The two elves slowed their mounts, finally stopping and leaving them tethered a safe distance away. With Shaur in her catform, they approached the bluff leading to the lifts to the town. A shower of stones, arrows, and curses drove them back, however. They withdrew a short distance away, and decided on a plan. Shaur, still in kitty form, slunk into the grass, sneaking her way up the front of the slope, while Tad snuck around the back. A Tauren druid found Shaur, and chased her away, but the commotion let Tad get near enough to a table to grab a turkey drumstick and a couple potatoes. The two then withdrew again, and Tad shared his snack. Shaur, naturally, took most of the turkey.

As they sat there, the same blood elf from Ogrimmar came up to them. Tad tensed, expecting trouble, but suddenly he noticed her very round belly. The fact that Skan was sitting calmly, eyeing the black lion at the Sin'dorei's side, only helped Tad relax further. She stopped several steps away, and simply stood there until Shaur looked up and noticed her. With a curious "Mrrow", she went over to the blood elf, who knelt and appeared to be talking to her. Tad watched, his wariness beginning to fade and a smile starting on his face. After a few minutes, Shaur stood, rubbed her head against the elf's leg, and walked back to Tad, looking up at him. He nodded to her, and swung back up on Fog's back, giving the blood elf a respectful nod.

They travelled back to the Eastern Kingdoms, taking gryphons to the Plaguelands. From there they got on their sabers again and headed towards Tirisfal. They reached the Lordearon ruins, only to find more horde fighters outside. They halted a safe distance away, and Shaur hopped off her mount and shifted to catform again. She snuck through the shadowy bushes, until she got to the doorway, where she was spotted. She came high-tailing back, curses and a couple arrows following her. "Tad! They're really mad," she reported, unnecessarily, after shifting back to her elf form. She then looked back, and Tad saw a brief smile on her face, before she turned cat again. Following her gaze, he saw the exact same blood elf that had been at the other cities. Shaur went up to her, purring, and got an earrub. Then the two elves stood looking at each other, while each one's cat imitated their masters. The Sin'dorei tried speaking in Thalassian, but even that was too different for Tad to understand her. He shrugged at her, apologizing in Darnassian, which he knew she couldn't understand, though he hoped it would show his appreciation of her efforts. After a few more minutes of trying to converse with gestures and a few simple words, Tad suddenly realized Shaur had vanished. Almost as soon as he noticed, there was a commotion at the Undercity's gate. Shaur came tearing back down the road, eyes huge and with a large turkey drumstick in her mouth. Tad gaped at her for a second, then almost fell over laughing. He quickly mounted Fog, and followed the frightened but triumphant druid back towards the Plaguelands. Looking back, he saw the blood elf waving at them, and waved back.

Reaching the Bulwark, the three companions shared Shaur's prize, with Skan getting most of it this time. Shaur was too excited to eat much, and Tad was, as usual, more concerned for his friend than himself. They then mounted once more, and headed for Silvermoon City, by way of the Ghostlands. The trip was uneventful, and when they arrived, they found less hostile Horde members, and guards posted far enough away that they were hardly noticed. And, sure enough, the blood elf hunter was there again. She approached them as they sat at the furthest table, when suddenly there was a small commotion. Shaur stared wide-eyed at the patrolling guard running towards her, and sprang out of her chair, shifting to cat in mid-leap. She took off at a dead sprint. Tad and the blood elf looked at each other, and followed.

Tad hopped on Fog to check the road in the direction Shaur had taken, then backtracked down it when he didn't see her. He soon caught up, finding her not far from the feast tables, in her swift cheetah form. She suddenly shifted back into her usual smoky blue-gray cat form, and Tad noticed the blood elf walking up to her. She sat, and Shaur came up and lay down in front of her, with her head in the hunter's lap (what little lap she had). Tad walked up carefully, trying not to startle them, but they heard him coming easily. The elf gave him a small smile, as she stroked Shaur and rubbed her ears. The black lion sat nearby, looking decidedly jealous. Tad stood a few feet away, watching for a bit, then noticed the sun sitting on the horizon. "Fuzzy?" he called quietly. "Getting late now, we best head back before Star and Arvoss start worrying." Shaur sighed, raising her head to look at him. The blood elf seemed to know what he was saying, because she gently pushed Shaur up to her feet, gave her one last scratch, and began motioning for her to go. Shaur sighed again, but then trotted to Tad's side. The elves waved goodbye to each other, as the Kal'dorei mounted their sabers and started back the way they had come. They rode in companionable silence for most of the way, but finally Shaur spoke up, "That other elf? She was nice." "Yes, she was," Tad replied. Shaur sat on her saber quietly for several minutes, then she stirred, turned to Tad, and asked, "Tad, why was she so fat?"

Sorry it took so long to get this down. I now understand why my sis complains about writer's block so much. Also, cross-faction RP is fun.
Goodnight! /waves


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