Nov 28, 2009

Holiday Fun

So, I've been doing the Pilgrim's bounty achievements ever since I found out there was a turkey pet. Kel is done already (had to kill the boss in Sethekk Halls twice, because first time I forgot to put her holiday outfit on >.<). Today was Tad's turn. A few days ago, Shaurria (who was trying to get a turkey pet as well) was asking about what level she could get into Sethekk. Aelflaed then volunteered to take her, and Tad too, to go kill the boss when she got back from vacation. Well, she got back today, off we went. Only had one accident with the mind-control totems, which killed Tad, but it was more funny than anything else. Shaur got a couple drops for the healing set she's trying to put together. And we got the boss with no problems!
(reserved for screenie of new pet that I was too excited to take at the time)
And then, after the run, Aely turkey-fied Tad! I found out something: If a hunter is a turkey, and said hunter feigns death, this is what happens:
(Yes, I have a messy UI. I have a lot of addons. It works for me pretty well though.)
In case you can't tell from the chat, I gave myself a tummy ache from laughing so hard. Maybe my current lack of decent sleep made this funnier than it shoud be, but come on. Blizz did an awesome job with this holiday, and it was worth the stallout it caused to Windstar's leveling. Which, by the way, she just hit 78, and has started Argent Tourney dailies. :D

Working on a story about Tad and Shaur getting into some mischief during the holiday. It's coming a little slow, though. Will have it done in the next day or two, hopefully.

And gotta say thanks again to Anna (aka Aely) and 'Mr. Anna' as well, for taking the time, right after returning from a trip too, to take me and Shaur through an instance that was way over our level range, just so we could get a pet. I know I've said it before, but it constantly amazes me how friendly and willing-to-help people on Feathermoon are. Maybe I was just too used to the elitist, everyone-for-themselves attitude that prevails on PVE servers, but this has totally renewed my enjoyment of the game.
And now, random video of a group I recently started listening to, called Fireflight. I think this might be my favorite already.

And now, goodnight! /waves


  1. I've tentatively picked that song for Kaledain and Khaotic as their theme. It's my favorite song of theirs, too.

  2. Hrmm, it kind of makes me think of Arien and Alanon.