Nov 16, 2009

Overtime for Therapy Cat

(Sleepy-rambling alert :P)

Windstar slowly padded into her room in the Gilded Rose. She shifted out of cat form, and changed out of her slightly-damp shirt into a clean one. She paused, holding the tear-stained shirt for a moment, playing the evening over again in her head. It had started when she and Shaurria went to Faldir's Cove, in Arathi, where her friend Arrens was hiding. Aely had been there visiting him too, and as the druids settled, the humans began discussing a subject that made them both sad, lost loves. Something someone said seemed to hit a nerve with Shaur, because by the time Aely, Star and Takani said goodbye to Arrens, she had vanished. Star followed her trail, and eventually caught up to the depressed druid, who finally had the breakdown that she had needed for so long. Star held and comforted her friend, and when Shaur had cried herself out and asked to go home, and to Arvoss, Star was relieved to head home to Stormwind.

Star shifted back into cat form, and softly padded out of her room, into the one Arvoss kept. She could see him on the bed, with Shaur a dark, exhausted huddle next to him. Arvoss gave her a small, sad smile as she settled on a corner rug. Almost immediately, she heard something that made her jump back to her feet. The smile Arvoss gave her, as she quickly trotted back to her own room, was much bigger than the previous one. Star re-entered her room, and quickly shifted out of cat form to throw herself into her brother's arms. Tad caught her, wrapping his strong steady arms around her. Skan came over to sniff her hand, then went back to the thick pad in the corner. "It is so good to see you, Tad. It's been such a long day." "Well, come relax, and you can tell me all about it."

- - -

Poor Star hardly knows what to do with herself right now. Tonight was apparently sad RP night, first with a friend of the Riders getting out of SI:7's custody, but being quite worse for wear, then Arrens and Aely having their little talk, then Shaur finally bursting the dam she had been hiding behind for so long. After all that, I just had to think of something that would let my little druid feel better and get some comfort of her own. This reminds me of a line in a book I read, that kind of got stuck in my head. "Who heals the healer?" So many of Star's friends are having a bad time right now, she's wearing herself out a bit worrying about them, and has no one she can turn to, to 'recharge' herself. Don't get me wrong, it is fun RP, it just gets a little emotionally tiring sometimes, especially when I'm having problems with Lack of Sleep.

And about the story? Shaurria's player will have a better detailed version in a day or so, on her blog, so anyone curious can read it there.
Back to work tomorrow, after 4 days off in a row. Mini-vacations are nice, but the longer I'm away from my job, the more I don't want to go back. Time to find a new job? Maybe. :(


  1. I was a little worried about that happening tonight - I know what it's like to be overwhelmed as the only "OK" one in an RP environment. Admittedly though, the situation with Aely and Arrens was totally unexpected for both of us!

    I'm working on getting Aely back into stablility mode, and hopefully that'll happen over this week. She's not going to be magically better, but she needs a kickstart towards getting better.

    Also - Star should totally ask her about Fells' babies :D

  2. Star is definately going to ask about Fell's babies, she just giving the new family a while before 'intruding'. ;)
    Also, having Tad around will help make Star a lot happier. (Makes me wish I had another account to play them together tho :P)